Paws 2 Pasture



Before booking and using the Paws 2 Pasture field, please carefully review the following our

Entry and Departure Protocol:

Entry to the gated car park area and main field is strictly prohibited if dogs are in the car park
Please park your vehicle within the carpark and don’t unload your dog until the previous dogs are in
the car.

Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled session start time and please leave the field 5
minuets before the end to allow taking your dog back to the car, cleaning down, loading.
Each session can accommodate a maximum of 3 cars, all of which should be parked inside the gated

Be mindful of other vehicles, pedestrians, and horses on Mill Lane by the entrance to the car park.
Refrain from letting dogs out of vehicles until the previous session has concluded and animals are
safely loaded.

Dogs must be leashed until securely inside the field boundary with the gate closed.
Promptly close the car park gate upon entering and leaving, ensuring dogs remain in vehicles until
the gate is closed.

Adult supervision is required for children at all times.

Avoid climbing on fencing and gates.

Scoop Your Own Poop Policy:
Adhere to the "Scoop Your Poop" policy, and taking your waste home. If you forget your bags,
replacements are available on-site.

Please wear suitable clothing for the current weather. At times this may include wellingtons/boots/coats.

Litter, Dog Toys, and Respect:

Prevent dogs from digging within the field to preserve its integrity.

Smoking is permitted in the smoking area where there is a cigarette butt bin, please use the bin and
not the ground.

Collect all ball toys, including broken ones, as they can pose a risk to larger field visitors.
please take your litter home with you

Dog health:

Ensure all dogs using the field are up-to-date on vaccinations and regularly wormed and flea’d.
All dogs should be insured who use the field

Cancellation Policy:
No extensions for late arrivals; refunds will not be issued for no-shows.
The field may be closed at any time, with a full refund provided. Notification of cancellations will be
communicated to the field user/booker.
Bookings with Paws 2 pasture are non-refundable, and once a session is booked, refunds are not

Safety and Inspection:

Regular, random inspections do take place from time to time
Users enter the field at their own risk, and the facility is not liable for any incidents, and dogs should be insured. 
Owners are responsible for their vehicles and contents, left at their own risk.
Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone at
Paws 2 Pasture.

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